Aluminum milling

For aluminum parts, whether prototypes or small series, we offer high-quality milled workpieces, which can hardly be beat in machining time and price. Our partners have many years of experience in CNC milling.


Aluminum die casting

In the past, the aluminum die-casting process has been suitable for many of our projects. In contrast to milling, serial copying and cost-efficiency are the main focus here.



We are able to offer different types of coating of a work piece to our customers. Our repertoire ranges from wet lacquer, dip coating, electroplating, chromating to powder coating.


Sheet processing

For your product, we offer all common machining and bending methods for different metal sheets and assemblies.


Plastic processing

One of our flagship areas is working with plastics. Thus, we are able to produce series-like prototypes within a few days after or during the design phase. In serial production, in the field of plastic, we have been cooperating with experienced partners for many years to make a product as fast as possible.



We also offer polyurethane foam foams for your product. Thus, polyurethanes are suitable for housings of different sizes, which can not be realized by other technologies.

Extrusion molding

Often, elements of products can be realized by the extrusion process. For example, we often have heat sinks, rods, or other profiles produced by this process. Our extended workbenches master all procedures to design their product according to the best quality and functional possibilities.



In the area of tensile stress transformations, we can offer you many different processing methods. Both small batches as well as mass production can be easily realized here.

Vacuum mold

Vacuum casting is a process for fast and cost-effective duplication of original models in small numbers. The basis for the production is the prototype, from which a silicone impression is created, which is then filled with casting resins. Soft plastics are also possible, for example, to produce prototypes of seals.